About Minds Online

Minds Online is an annual online conference dedicated to philosophy of mind (broadly construed), epistemology (as it relates to philosophy of mind), the philosophy of action, the philosophy of science, and moral psychology, as well as experimental disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience.

The conference has been on hiatus since late 2017, but you can find programs and presentations from past Minds Online conferences in the menu.

The online conference has many advantages over the traditional conference — including increased exposure for presenters, higher quality papers, higher quality commenters, a more manageable pace during the comment period, less expense, and less travel-related frustration. For more about online conferences see our discussion piece “The Future of Online Conferences in Philosophy” (2017). For more detail, see the open access chapter, “Online Conferences: Some History, Methods, and Benefits” (Byrd, 2020) in Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Anthropocene (DOI: 10.7939/r3-q6mq-0004).

Minds Online has been made in association with the Brains blog and benefitted from many people, including the Departments of Philosophy at Florida State University and the University of Houston as well as the fantastic scholars around the world that have presented in, commented on, and reviewed for the conference.

Conference Organizers:

Cameron Buckner (University of Houston)

Nick Byrd (Florida State University)
Bruce Rushing (University of Houston)

John Schwenkler (Florida State University)