Is IIT compatible with Russellian panpsychism?

Hedda Hassel Mørch (NYU / University of Oslo)

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Abstract: The Integrated Information Theory (IIT) is an empirically motivated theory of consciousness which entails a kind of panpsychism. In this paper, I discuss whether IIT is compatible with Russellian (or dual-aspect) panpsychism which has recently been defended in philosophy of mind. I will show that if IIT were compatible with Russellian panpsychism, this would contribute to solving Russellian panpsychism’s combination problem. However, the theories aren’t compatible as they currently stand, in view of what I call the coarse-graining problem. I will explain this problem, and offer two possible solutions. One solution involves a modification of IIT’s Exclusion postulate; another involves a modification of its coarse-graining principle. Continue reading Is IIT compatible with Russellian panpsychism?